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In late 2011 I was looking for a high quality hi fi system for home. I sent an inquiry to Tiens and my inquiry read:
I am looking at some better speakers for my plasma TV and for radio plus some music. Surround is not required. I have been advised floor-standing speakers are preferable and my wife likes ‘them’ better than bookshelf. HOWEVER my wife isn’t convinced that we need better speakers (agh!) so I am looking for a ‘softly softly’ approach for a solution. i.e. good quality, 2 channel speakers and amp that will provide an improvement over my current stereo – with the speakers that are black and look ‘thinnish’.

Tiens replied with several suggestions – all speakers with a small footprint. After a dozen questions, over several weeks, I selected
Paradigm Millenia 200
Marantz SR5006
CA Minx

(plus I have a Panasonic blu ray player and a Magic Freeview recorder)

The above combination has proven very successfully for us re music quality and it has the ‘wife approval factor’. The photo shows how well the speakers fit into the room. We use the speakers as a replacement for the TV speakers plus we regularly play music and DVDs.

I found Tiens very helpful and patient, as I had lots of questions. Including my last one on the speakers ‘they are so thin will they work?’ as they were a lot smaller than others I had researched, such as Wharfedales. And yes, Tiens assured me that the speakers I selected were ‘real’ speakers!

Oh, there is one thing I would change – the sub woofer. Tiens had suggested a bigger sub woofer, especially for movies however I selected the CA, which is a bit quiet

In summary the equipment provided by Tiens from Stereotype has proven to be excellent.

Evan McConchie

“Thanks for the Teac kit.  It’s a great little set up.

Best wishes


“Customer Review of Jamo C607 and MJ Acoustic Pro 50 MK II

I have had my B&W DM4 speakers for 30 years, beautiful clean and clear sound but designed for a different era (vinyl and low power amps). I was looking for something that could deliver the same warm natural sound but from CD’s, with the ability to run with modern powerful amps and deliver tight strong bass and run at higher volumes. I also needed something to deliver a good home theatre experience when playing DVD’s. I wanted the best but my budget was only $3,000.

I listen to Blues, Rock, Soul some Metal, some Jazz, tiny bit of Classical.

I have reasonably good input gear (Linn Karik CD player, Yamaha DSP-AZ1 Amp). The DVD player is an average but effective Panasonic DMR-EH57.

My environment is a Lounge of 22.5 sq mt, carpet floor, usual furnishings.

I did my homework, read all the reviews in What Hi Fi, and the other stereo mags, got the specs on line, compiled a list of speakers that reviewed well and seemed to be within my budget. I tracked them down (harder to find in Auckland than I expected) and listened to them. These included B&W, Monitor Audio, Kef amongst others.

First conclusion was I needed to spend $6,000 plus to get anything like the sound I wanted. Second was how disappointing the speakers that reviewed well in the magazines were. Trebles that were harsh, metallic and jarring to listen to at higher volumes. Mid range that was muddled and unclear. Bass that was lacking or ill defined. It goes to show that sound perception is a very personal thing.

Then I remembered helping my brother in-Law put together a mid range outfit some 8 years ago and finding the best sounding speakers for the money were Jamo. I called the importer who referred me to Tiens. If you need a definition of personal expert service Tiens is it. A scientist who understands sound and speakers, and who’s demo rooms are the lounges in his house. Lots of comparison speakers of various brands set up side by side, only one customer at a time, no extraneous noises of any kind. He also has a great range of CD,s if you don’t take your own.

First Tiens asked me to describe the sound I was after and the sort of music I listened to. He recommended the Jamo 607 but suggested we trial other speakers first. We started by running my test CD’s through a set of $8,000 B&W ??? speakers – yes that was the sort of sound I wanted. We then ran through a series of other speakers, none of which came near the B&W. Last were the Jamo’s, they were close except for a less impressive bass response (hardly surprising considering the B&W extra size and price tag). Tiens recommended the MJ sub to compensate and yet again he was right. This fills in the gap from 40,000hz down to 20,000hz and adds a level of depth and power speakers the size of the 607’s could never deliver.

So now I have these speakers wired to my system in my own lounge am I happy? I certainly am! The treble is clear, clean natural, not strident at high volumes. The mid range is clear and well defined. The bass from the Jamos (without any help from the sub) is tight and clean, impressive. Turn on the MJ sub and the difference is immediately noticeable, well worth the money. Overall the sound is well balanced and great to listen to at any volume (even my wife agrees). They handle everything I throw at them with ease, Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” (best stereo gear test album ever made), Eagles Hotel California off “Hell Freezes Over” album, Santana “Supernatural” album (great percussion), Cream live in London 2005, Wagner “Die Walkure”, Tchaikovsky “1812 overture” (canons blow your socks off).

My wife is also happy, the Jamo’s are beautifully made and look it, they are unobtrusive within the lounge. The MJ sub is small and hardly noticeable.

All in all, this combo delivers a sound worthy of speakers 3 times their price.


“Just got the Jamo i300 today, and I have to say I’m genuinely surprised by the sound coming out of these little speakers!
Its the best multimedia speakers I’ve ever heard. The mid-range can be put up against some “proper” HiFi systems.
thanks again


“Very pleased with SR8001. Tiens (hgnit) really knows his stuff, was very helpful and I ended up buying cables as well. Tiens did not try to sell me expensive cables I did not need, only cables suited to my setup . Thanks!”

“What can be said that hasnt already…this trader is an absolute pleasure to buy from… very supportive and insightful to traders individual needs..thank you so much. Thrilled with my purchases. Happily recommed to all.”

“Superb as always……I have no logical reason to not make all my future audio purchases off this trader. I couldn’t recommend more highly to others”

“Excellent Trader! Don’t hesitate to deal with him! He has the knowledge and products to lift your audio and visual entertainment to a new level. Very highly recommended to all.”

“WOW! what a marvellous product. Just set it up today to make a significant part of my audio system to die for! A wonderful perrson to trade with, hgnit has assisted me to conclude a 25 year journey to create my home HiFi/theatre system. This traders honesty and advice is commendable and well worth any effort you place in his trust. What can I say? but “Awesome Trader”. Choose to make a purchase from hgnit and you’ll find out for yourself. Highly recommended and trusted! Sincere regards ….”

“Very professional trader with a great knowledge of this product and audio systems. He would be one of the best traders I have come across. A pleasure to trade with and would not hesitate in trader with him again. Thanks”

“Highly recommended. Went out of his way to deliver to me in short time frame – along with GST invoice and warranty details. Jamo system is fantastic – couldn’t be happier with it!”

“Awesome trade. Magnificent product. Very well packed. Delivered faster than I expected. Helpful instructions. If you want a home theatre I suggest you seriously consider this (Marantz & Jamo A210 Combo).”

“Tiens is great to deal with. Knows his stuff and goes the extra mile to ensure you are happy with the purchase. Speakers are great to! Wouldn’t hesitate to trade with hgnit again.”