Buying Guides

There’s a lot to take in and think about when purchasing a Hifi or Home theatre. We hope the below guides can help you on your way to audio nirvana, but if you feel lost please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help.

What to look for in an AV Receiver (BY BRENDAN)


A Guide to Powered Speakers (by Tiens)

Two simple tips for Subwoofer placement (by Brendan)

Starting Out – Music or Movies? (by Brendan)

Don’t stop the Music, or turn it down… (by Brendan)

Be careful of misleading specs, use your ears! (by Brendan)

Controlling music on your computer remotely (by Brendan)

Affordable Ways to Enhance the Sound of Your iPod and iTunes… (by Mike Mercer)

More on Amplifier Power & Loudness (by Tiens)

Amplifier ratings, how many watts did you say? (by Tiens)

What is Good Sound and what do I Listen for? (by Tiens)

Speaker FAQ’s, Answered (by Tiens)

What Interconnects and Cables do I need? (by Tiens)

Which is the most important: Source, Amp or Speakers? (by Tiens)

Subwoofer FAQ’s, answered (by Tiens)

Why Dipole Rear Speakers are Better (by Brendan)