Our Top 10 Bass Tracks

Everybody loves a good bass track to show of their system. Whether you are impressing someone with the bass from a system with or without a sub these tracks are our top picks.

With all the tracks below its not just about heaps of bass, its about the combination of slam and attack of a kick drum, the subtleties of the different notes in an upright bass, or the sheer depth from a sampler. It’s these details rather than car-audio-like boom that we look for. Anyone can make bass go boom, just get an entry level ported sub, crank it to 11 and it’ll do that just fine. But here’s the thing, we don’t like boom and we don’t like one note bass. Only the best subwoofers and large speakers can play real bass, down low, with clarity that you can distinguish all the notes and with force that you can feel in your chest.

Now, below are links to low quality audio versions, ironically half the bass information is filtered out in compression! But, if you dig the tracks, then go source a high quality copy.

Massive Attack – Flat of the blade (Album: Heligoland)

Why we like it: Deep layered bass, from 1:10 there’s a lot going on that tests the best subs, oh and Guy Garvey!

Four Play – Bali Run (Album: Fourplay)

Why we like it: This bass is fast and tight with a few different layers of bass.

Radiohead – Kid A (Album: Kid A)

Why we like it: Well for one it’s one of favourite bands. On our reference R909’s this is insane, the note at 1:27 gets us everytime.

Stanley Clarke – Fantasy Love (Album: East River Drive)

Why we like it: The Bass has amazing slam and attack, one of those classic “audiophile” tracks.

Kele – Tendoroni (Album: Boxer)

Why we like it: Sometimes you just need a good dance floor stomper to show off your system, massive sound, turn it up! And if your speakers can handle 1:24 onwards without you reaching for the volume, well done.

Bee Gees – Loose Talk Cost Lives (Album: This is Where I Came in)

Why we like it: This album is such a great recording, the combination of the kick and bass sound so good together on this track.

Leftfield/Afrika Bambaataa – Afrika Shox (Album: Rhythm and Stealth)

Why we like it: Each listen you’ll here new sounds on this track, there’s something about how the bass decays, you have this hard hit, then a deep bass decay, great track.

Daft Punk – End of Line (Album: Tron Legacy Soundtrack)

Why we like it: The slowish beat, with the deep rumble behind it, is one that will impress your friends for sure.

Jacques Loussier’s ” Vivace Concerto No 3 in C minor” (Album: The Very Best of Play Bach)


Why we like it: The most accurate kick drum bass we’ve listened too, added with a combo of deep cello low freq picking and upper bass piano notes. Sorry, we couldn’t find an online sample of this one.

Jeff Buckley – Everybody Here Wants You (Album: Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk)

Why we like it: For us, when this track is done right, its a personal concert from the legendary Jeff Buckley. Great vocal, solid kick, and a textured bass holding it all together, a masterpiece.

What are your favourite tracks for showing off your system?