Two simple tips for Subwoofer placement

Tonight I was looking up a spec on an old Jamo sub that I listed on Trademe and I came across two very simple yet effective images that help with tuning your subwoofer. They are maybe common knowledge to some, but I know we get asked a lot about what to do with the phase dial?

Before we get to Phase, a simple guide to room PLACEMENT:

We normally recommend by starting with position B in the picture to the left. And then play with the Phase – see below. If you can’t get enough bass or have too much boom from the sub then experiment with the other two positions. Easy. It’s worth while experimenting with both your front speakers connected and disconnected when placing the sub.


Once you’ve decided on the placement, the next step is to dial in the PHASE:

It really is this simple, with your front speakers connected play a familiar track with a consistent bass line, a track with a mix of deep and upper bass is best. Now, find a volunteer and ask them to slowly turn the phase dial backwards and forwards until you, seated in the listening position hear the bass the loudest. Once you have the spot, then adjust the level and cut off frequency so it blends with your front speakers.
For downfiring subwoofers this is often at 90 degrees, and for front firing subs where they are pointed the same direction as your front speakers, 0 or 180 degrees. It can help to increase the level slightly while setting the phase if your front speakers produce a decent amount of bass, once you’ve found the loudest spot, then drop the level back down again.

I hope those two tips might come in handy, and while we are talking about subs, did you see this insane deal on the THX Ultra certified Jamo D6 SUB – it’s a beast, 15″ driver in a sealed cabinet, tight deep bass. One of our reference subs.

Enjoy the bass! Oh and if you need a good track for setting up subs with, try this one (although try and get the CD or a FLAC).