2012 CES Announcements!!

I’m like a kid in a candy shop right now, keeping my eyes peeled for updates coming in from Vegas where the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show is happening. I’m going to keep this blog updated throughout the next week with notable updates – so check back regularly. I’ll continue to post on Twitter, and put the products which are almost here in NZ on Facebook. EXCITING!

THX adds certification for compact speaker systems

THX launched a certification program for compact speakers intended for use in small rooms. Though small speakers perform better than flat-panel TV speakers, the sound quality of existing small speakers varies widely because of limitations imposed by their small size, THX said. Certification standards will ensure consistent quality and raise customer confidence, THX explained. More Information

Paradigm E1, E2m and E3m earbuds

The new sub-brand from Paradigm, SHIFT has a powered Atom which isn’t far away, but also on the way are three earbuds, each range sonically matched to the Monitor, Studio and Signature range of speakers. I gotta get me some E3m’s to match the sound of my Sig’s at home! More Information

New HDMI Spec Due In 2nd Half

Just when you thought HDMI specs had settled down now that 3D capable plus Internet (i.e. 1.4) is the standard, along comes talk of a new HDMI standard to allow for higher resolution video. If your telly can only display 1080p (1920 x 1080) then I wouldn’t be too worried, am guessing this will be for 4K displays (4096 x 2048 or there abouts) and more, so no need to hold off purchasing an AV Receiver because of this! More Information

Bond Series to be released on Blu-ray

20th Century Fox has confirmed it will officially launch the entire James Bond movie collection on Blu-ray tomorrow. Nothing more to add really, not sure if there will be a box set or just indivudual movies. Just think, all the action, clichés and of course bond girls in High Def.

**Update, it looks like it will be a box set**




Cambridge Audio 851A & 851C – Watch Video from CES

The 840C was one of our favourite products to ever come out of the Cambridge Audio stable, just announced and very soon to be available in NZ comes the updated 851C DAC & up-sampling CD player. Complete with level control for direct connection to power amps, I know for one this is going to be on my personal list for a permanent placement in the Hifi. Also announced is the matching 851A Integrated Amplifier, More Information

Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 – Watch video from CES

For those want a high performance music streamer, combined with digital inputs for use as an external DAC to upgrade that CD player or connect your other digital sources. This looks hot! More Information

Jamo M360 speakers

Jamo has gone back to its roots with a stunning new Danish design. It’s because of products like this that we love having Jamo as a part of our product range, there is nothing quite like it and Jamo know how to produce stunning designs that perform sonically too. More Information

Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100 – Watch video from CES

Following on from the new DacMagic Plus that launched recently, around April we should have the new DacMagic 100. It looks to be a cut down version of the Plus designed to match the ID100, without the preamp, headphone amp, digital filters and balanced outputs. More Information