Controlling music on your computer remotely

Today I’ve been having a play with Apple’s Remote app on my iphone and I thought I’d share the experience as it’s pretty cool. One of the downsides of computer audio vs a network player type solution has always been the remote control. Today in 5 minutes flat I was simultaneasly controlling my wifes mac book pro running iTunes and my pc running Mediamonkey from the same application on my iPhone. Lost? let me explain.

Step 1: Get a computer – It doesn’t really matter what sort of computer

Step 2: Install some software – Most people using macs will be using iTunes, but I’m more of a PC guy myself so I use Mediamonkey which I find fantastic for managing my digital library of music.

Step 2b (for the PC users): Download the Monkeytunes plugin for Mediamonkey – 30 seconds and you’ll be done.

Step 3: Get an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad – Go to the app store and get Apple’s Remote App – (On the Monkeytunes website there is info for Android users)

Step 4: Fire up the app and select your computer

Step 5: Enter the passcode on your computer

Step 6: Find a song you love and listen, pause, skip tracks, browse artists etc…

It really is that easy, now head on over to a place like and start listening to high quality digital music.

While I’m here, I’ll give a little plug for the Cambridge Audio DAC Magic, what this little beast does is connects directly to your computer via USB, then does the digital to analog conversion external from your computer providing you with a high end audiophile sound ready for your amplifier’s inputs.

If you have ditched CD’s then I can’t recommend investing in a decent DAC enough, even compressed MP3’s sound miles better through a proper DAC.

That’s all for today, hope that helps someone out there who wants to control their computer from their pocket with minimum fuss.

If you want more info on computer based systems, check out there’s a ton of info there too.