My favourite music from 2009

There has been plenty of best of lists going around the ‘interweb’ in the past few weeks… this got me thinking, what are my top 9 of 09? Well here they are:

#9 Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion

This album definitely took a few listens and for me its not one where I sit down and make it through the whole thing.. but there are great moments and My Girls is epic!


#8 Fanfarlo – Reservoir

I’ve only had this album a week or two and heard many friends raving about it, in fairness I need to give it more time and if I had it could well have made it higher up this list. A great debut, watch out for what these guys do next.


#7 Andrew Bird – Noble Beast

Noble Beast was my first introduction to singer songwriter Andrew Bird, I found myself listening to this album over and over, its a great recording and collection of songs and Bird’s voice is wonderful.

noble beast

#6 The Veils – Sun Gangs

“A very modern mixture of prayers, love letters and personal record keeping” is how lead singer Finn Andrews described The Veils finest offering to date, outstanding song writing. Check out this nice little short film about the band and the album. Made in NZ. Love it.


#5 Wilco – Wilco (The Album)

The much hyped and anticipated Wilco album, I must admit I didn’t use to be a Wilco fan but after seeing Jeff Tweedy and the boys live at the seven worlds concert I was converted. I still find ‘Sky Blue Sky’ boring but this album is great, some fun catchy tunes and Tweedy’s voice has never sounded better.


#4 Lady of the Sunshine – Smoking Gun

Angus Stone steps out into a side project with fantastic results, a great album that I’ve thrashed. If you’re a fan of Angus & Julia Stone, grab this, if you’re not do it anyway.


#3 Dimmer – Degrees of Existence

Shayne Carter has been working hard and the results have paid off. One of my favourite NZ artists and another solid album. I wasn’t sure on the single ‘Degrees of Existence’ at first so if this is all you’ve heard, listen to the rest of it. ‘Too far gone to care’ is genius.


#2 Dan Auerbach – Keep it Hid

Black Keys front man Auerbach steps out on his own and delivers a great album, making the #1 spot for Amazon’s best of 09. A great raw sound and his musical talent shines through.


#1 Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadues Phoenix

Wow. Ok I’ve always been a Phoenix fan but this album blew me away, especially after their last mediocre effort.  ‘1901’ has to be my favourite track of the year. Its not the longest album around but its solid. It works as an album start to finish, you listen to the whole thing each time you put it on. Its fun, its recorded well and my subwoofer loves it 🙂


In terms of singles of the year, Moth Wings by Passion Pit and Sweetest Disposition by The Temper Trap are worthy of a mention as is My Girls by Animal Collective… but as mentioned above 1901 by Phoenix gets my vote.

Well there you have it, what are your picks?